Our Beliefs

The Golden Circle of Ingenious Faces

It’s time to re-envision success
We believe that every individual has the potential to create meaningful impact if provided with the right tools and are motivated by a passion to help each become their best. We understand that each person is one of a kind and thus, we are dedicated to creating opportunities best suited to optimise their individual skills and interests.
We aim to help our delegates live up to their
true potential and transcend national boundaries to become a part of a global community. We believe that each individual is unique and deserves an equally unique learning experience to figure out what the purpose of their life is.
Every face has a story that deserves to be realised. We want to break the mould and help students do what they love, redefine success and not just survive but thrive on their own terms.
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 Through unique personalised learning opportunities
We offer learning platforms that help our delegates not just gain technical know-how but also gain holistic knowledge. Our programs help students gain a global perspective and establish enduring relationships with universities, mentors, leading experts and driven individuals from across the
world. Our mission in to instil three key skills in every delegate; we aim to build Learnability, Employability and an Entrepreneurial Mindset among our students through Travel. Our programs are designed to accelerate growth and equip our students with a wide and invaluable skill set that can help them overcome any obstacles they may face. We create personalised experiences and select a diverse range of candidates for our programs, each contributing their unique perspectives and knowledge to the program. We believe that experience is the best teacher and aim to contribute to their journey by exposing them to a global ecosystem and combining the work with the play.
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 Experiential learning programs.
Ingenious Faces provides global educational experiences to young students aiming to accelerate their career growth. Our program aims to reach diverse individuals looking to have an international educational experience, startups looking to enter new markets, and institutions requiring a 21st century based entrepreneurship curriculum.
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Our Programs 

Global Learning Village 
Travel based immersion programs that allow passionate individuals to study at leading universities, gain work experience with some of the most innovative and exciting initiatives across the world.
Launch Studio Lab
We run global immersion programs for startups and scale ups to expand and gain access to new markets globally by soft launching them through our vast network of partners and investors.

Ingenious Labs
We curate and design education programs and courses for institutions who share our aim of providing their students with a fresh perspective and a new approach to learning.