Global Immersions

Engaging and immersing in the culture of futuristic innovation. From the trade ports to the tech hubs, our delegates explore the fuel to a country’s growth. Go through an intensive idea generation and product development journey by using the globally recognized tool of disruptive innovation for emerging markets. One of the key value points of the program is our network of mentors that spend time and effort to help the delegates build their game-changing idea. Our Ingenious challenges are designed to push the delegates out of their comfort zone as well as give them the best opportunity to learn from the world’s 6th best innovative economy


“Learning outside the classroom, especially abroad is extremely valuable. My experience with IF helped me think out of the box by exposing me to conditions and obstacles different from what I’m used to and broadened my perspectives by helping me see novel solutions to a diverse set of problems.”

Toon Gielis

Alumnus & Student
Thomas More Hogeschool, Belgium

“The Ingenious Faces journey is going to show you how vastly the system differs and how things work in other countries. It allows you to understand what you need to do with your businesses, your lives & future endeavors back home.”

Matthew Henshall

Alumnus & Founder
SkillUp and Code4Kids, South Africa

“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from individuals who are so different culturally from what I’m used to. Immersing myself in a new environment helped me gain a broader perspective and helped me understand how to tackle challenges with a brand new approach.”

Akshaya Ramesh

Alumna & Student
Delhi University, India

Our Destinations

Global Accelerator Program


We bring our delegates all around the world to get immersed in the rich culture of various host countries while expanding their network

Global Bootcamp

Find opportunities to become a part of a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and collaborators

Pitch To Investors

Opportunity to pitch and get real time feedback on business ideas from global experts and entrepreneurs

Industry Visits

We accelerate personal growth & technical learning through industry visits, workshops & interactions

Peer Validation

Our alumni include social entrepreneurs, tech startups, consultants, founders, entrepreneurs & students

Our Mentors

 Industry experts and disruptors that share their experience and knowledge with our delegates

Global Startup Internship


We build lifelong relationships with our alumni to assist them in them in different stages of their quest to discover their true potential

Work Experience

As an extension of GAP & GLP, we also facilitate intensive internship opportunities with leading tech and social startups across India, South Africa, Netherlands and more.

Training and Practice

The internships are tailor made to further equip our alumni to put their acquired skills into practice as well as gain valuable experiences in the innovation field of their choice.

Our Partners


It includes short courses at top universities, exposure to the business ecosystem and an immersive cultural experience of the host country


We focus on the needs of each delegate to ensure maximum growth with the aim to inspire and create a renewed sense of purpose and determination


The program provides students with an opportunity to learn from leading experts and prestigious universities across the world


Connect with driven individuals with diverse backgrounds including Tech, Finance, Liberal Arts, Management, Economics, Media and Entrepreneurship

Global Learning Program

An opportunity for students to study for a brief period in a leading international university through our program

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