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Curriculum Lab

We design and deliver entrepreneurial curriculum which is curated by our global experts yet relevant to the local needs and eco-systems. Our curriculum is strongly based on experiential and lifelong learning and gaining knowledge that makes you employable and entrepreneurial. We focus on facilitating the lessons of industry experts through easy-to-emulate classroom/virtual/immersion workshops. We deliver our curriculum through our online platform as well that offers acceleration programs aimed at equipping individuals with tools necessary to become more employable and develop critical skills for an ever-changing work ecosystem.


“Virtual work experience is the new normal and I am so grateful to Ingenious Faces for their vision, drive and commitment to providing enriching work experience for students. The team at Ingenious Faces were attentive and completely committed to providing a high impact experience for their business partners and the students.”

Stuart Hendry

Course Convenor
University of Cape Town, South Africa

“They broaden horizons, expose them to new cultures and help them attune to the new remote working normal. They create global experiences through the power of the virtual world to make it available to more”

Aditya Singh

Athena School of Management, India

“I think that it is important to provide access to high-impact learning experiences to all students. Ingenious Faces was able to provide this through virtual/remote internships. The ability to source global internship placements via the network of Ingenious Faces network was an important value-add for us.”

James Berneking

Innovation Programs Manager
Lehigh@NasdaqCenter, USA

We Offer

Revolutionalising Global Classrooms through relevant, practical and experiential content

Course Study

To understand university, institution and industry requirements to curate relevant curriculum

Curriculum Design

With the structure, pedagogy and instructions of the curriculum to be facilitated by our faculty network

Faculty Match

Through our global network of industry experts according to the needs of our partner institutions

Content Delivery

In our on location or remote
facilitated workshops, short courses, masterclasses & online platforms

Learner Review

Assessment and feedback provided to students in consultation with the university faculty

Project: Naropa Fellowship

This is a one-year, fully residential, post-graduate, academic programme focused on creating and nurturing agents of change who will work towards fostering an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and growth while preserving the cultural heritage of Ladakh and the Himalayan region.

Our team of curriculum designers are committed towards the responsibility of designing and co-facilitating the Entrepreneurship Track for the program which will act as the main driving pillar for the Fellowship.

Our Faculty

From universities around the world, our network of experts deliver learnings

Prof. Simon Gifford

IE Business School, Spain

Margie Worthington Smith

Entrepreneurial Mindsets, SA

Nitin Pangarkar

National University, Singapore

Stuart Hendry

University of Cape Town, SA

Dr. Samantha Dewalt

Managing Director, Lehigh@NasdaqCenter

Dr. Priyank Narayan

Founding Director - Centre for Entrepreneurship at Ashoka University

Ankur Warikoo


Jeffrey Petty

Academic Director - University of Lausanne

Project: Entrepreneurship In Residence

Ingenious Faces designs and delivers the program in collaboration with the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Ashoka University

The Entrepreneur in Residence program provides a support platform for aspiring entrepreneurs at Ashoka University to nurture their business ideas in a university environment, having access to networks, mentors, and other fellow entrepreneurs.

Areas of Expertise

Learning enabled through global classrooms

Project: Building Entrepreneurial Mindset

Aspiring to build entrepreneurial minds, our course on Entrepreneurial leadership aims at equipping students with some of the critical skills like problem solving and inquisitiveness; thus helping students to develop an innovative way of thinking to approach challenges around them. Developed with detailed research, we partner with global universities to deliver this course as exhaustive semester engagements.

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