Meet Our Alumni

Ingenious Faces takes great pride in having created a diverse and successful alumni community of over 300+ talented, driven and accomplished individuals from across the world.
So far, we have had the pleasure of hosting delegates from varied backgrounds ranging from Law and IT to Entrepreneurship and Development. Our alumni represent an eclectic group united by their desire to change the world for the better.

Yug Garg

Student Delhi University India

“Ingenious Faces gave me the best experience. They're changing the way we learn. It provides a great platform to network globally and pick up skills one otherwise wouldn't be able to by forcing you to interact with a foreign environment.”

Zayne Imam

Co Founder Five-Oh-Two Spain

“From absorbing the diverse Indian culture to indulging in some really special moments, I had an awesome time! And to all those who are wonder, go do it, take risk, it is worth it”

Lamis Essop

Student University of the Witwatersrand South Africa

“I had an amazing experience with Ingenious Faces! It gave me a unique insight into the start up ecosystem in Delhi which allowed me to make useful cross-country comparisons. India is an amazing place to experience in terms of the culture and in terms of the drive and work ethic of the people there. Definitely an experience I will not forget with learnings that have broadened and refined my knowledge of the startup ecosystem both in India and in South Africa.”  

Avik Sen

Student DMS IIT-Delhi India

“The program in Cape Town was a perfect amalgamation of learning and fun. Attending the power packed sessions on leadership and innovation management in UCT and other entrepreneurial hubs like zoona, Barclay's rise supplemented our knowledge with the practicalities of an emerging market like SA. Cape Town's unique culture, food and natural beauty brought out the explorer in me, adding to it the friendship and oneness I fostered with the hosts made my stay all the more fulfilling and a treat that would remain with me for a very long time.”

Ndabenhle Ntshangase

Founder Air Student South Africa

“I still remember seeing the Ingenious Faces ad and thinking to myself, "This has to be the perfect opportunity to grow my entrepreneurial arsenal." After the experience, I realised it was way more than just that. The IF experience isn't just an entrepreneurial experience but also one of personal growth and cultural immersion. It's funny how being part of this programme doesn't get you to think out of the box but rather removes the box fully. Joining IF makes you realise that there's a larger goal than just taking over your country but you should take over the world.”

Benjamin Shaw

CEO HouseMe South Africa

“India is really quite something to behold, it’s been a great journey! By coming here you can easily grow your intellectual capital manifold”

Thami Hoza

Founder HotNozzle South Africa

"Ingenious Faces gave me the space and environment to develop my idea and changed my approach not just towards entrepreneurship but life in general."

Dhiren Govender

CEO Brightest Young Minds South Africa

“Ingenious Faces promised me a life changing journey and it has changed my life in both professional and personal terms”

Toon Gielis

Student Thomas More Hogeschool Belgium

"Learning outside the classroom, especially abroad is extremely valuable. My experience with IF helped me think out of the box by exposing me to conditions and obstacles different from what I’m used to and broadened my perspectives by helping me see novel solutions to a diverse set of problems."

Rik Vanderhaeghe

Lecturer Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen Belgium

“At most institutions, the knowledge & problems that students learn to encounter tend to be largely theoretical and quite familiar to their living environment. The IF program present them with projects and experiences completely different to what they are used to and helps them see the world with a fresh perspective.”

Nurishaam boolay

Director Social South Africa

“Ingenious faces gave me the best experience. They're changing the way we learn. Learning through voyaging is very noteworthy. For me, The program is justified & worth it. It's a great platform to network globally andmake new companions. The founders & curators are young, creative and promising, shout out to Apoorv and Vidushi for the awesome services”

Olivier Vandoninck

Student Thomas More Hogeschool Belgium

“This was the perfect opportunity to for me to widen my views and learn more about international marketing. In today’s world, it’s extremely important to go beyond what is taught in books and actually meet and interact with people to succeed.”