Ingenious Team

Apoorv Bamba

Founder & Curator

I am defined by my magic hands and quest for the perfect eggs benedict. Tales have been told about how generations have been mesmerised by the flexibility and artistic quotient of "them hands". I’d rather do and fail than think forever to come up with a perfect plan.
I am a "let's jump and figure out the rest on the
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Vidushi Malhotra

Chief Of Experience

​I'm quite the mover and shaker, in its true sense and also in the way that I dance. I dance unabashedly. Despite my long feet, large hands and other defects I believe my heart is quick in developing a soft corner for humans even 30 seconds before I actually meet them for the first time.
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Abhilaasha Kaul

Program & Partnership Head

I'm the person in horror movies who goes out to investigate suspicious noises, the very personification of the cat curiosity mercilessly killed. I am motivated by my sole ambition to internalise Olivia Pope (if you don't know who I'm talking about them you've wasted your life so far.
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Josh Fillmore

Immersion Execuitve

I am defined by my constant desire to go on thrilling adventures and be surrounded by nature. It gets so bad I've been spotted sleeping in my front garden on numerous occasions. I am extremely optimistic and can convince people to see something positive
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Devansh Rathour

Program and Media Head

I can make you feel happy without offering you brownies. Yes, you heard it right. I don't like to brag about it, but legends have been dedicated to my uniqueness. I can motivate you without making you watch a Ted talk. I can click some good pictures that will LIT your Insta.
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Arushi Tandon

Curriculum and Media Head

My ability to outwit anyone and everyone at any given point to the extent that it can get (borderline) pesky at times is one of the many defining qualities I possess. Besides my wild imagination and the continuous stream of pop culture references, of course.
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Our Curriculum Advisors

Shreyasi Singh

Entrepreneur & Author Wealth Wallahs

Margie Worthington- Smith

Strategic Thinking Partner Team Architect
South Africa

Stuart Hendry

Director of DUNE
South Africa

Simon Gifford

CEO & Co-Founder Mashauri Limited
United Kingdom

Priyank Narayan

Director Entrepreneurship Programs Ashoka University India

Antoinette Prophy

Founder and Managing Director 88Business Collective
South Africa