How travel fosters

Learning Through Travel

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.”
– Sir Richard Burton


What is common between Benedict Cumberbatch, Steve Jobs, George Harrison, J.K Rowling, Melinda Gates, Mark Twain, and Anthony Bourdain? They all had their life-changing moments during travelling. Travelling enables us to become active participants in a never ending classroom and to learn for an indefinite amount of time. It pushes you to venture into the unknown.

Making a minor addition to the famous quote “To travel is to live”, it can very well be said “To travel is to live & learn”. We learn from the strangers we meet, the cultures we experience, the different ways of life we witness. We at Ingenious Faces, believe that travelling plays an imperative role in enhancing our knowledge and strengthens our ability to step out of comfort zone and maximize skills to the fullest.

Travelling teaches us to value our time management skills and establishes a sense of responsibility in us. You are the captain of your ship, and your every decision will decide your rest of the journey. It beautifully compels you to be confident, alert, and adapt to your environment. There is nothing more refreshing, than individuals from far off corners of the world interacting and creating a game-changing conversation that is indispensable, offering perspectives that join the dots you have been trying to connect.

Our program are carefully curated to help you learn and explore through travelling. Today’s competitive world demands people with an international perspective and knowledge of life skills.