Global Learning Village

It takes a Global Village to reimagine learning and redefine career paths.

Global Learning Village is our flagship offering which aims to accelerate entrepreneurial growth and graduate more employable youth. We are driven by the concept of "Learning to Learn" and thus ensuring that our alumni achieve their desired career goal of starting up their own venture or joining their dream sector equipped with key 21st century skill sets.
All our programs last 7-10 days and are experiential and immersive in nature. Apply now for our upcoming programs.

Global Accelerator Program

The Accelerator provides passionate individuals an opportunity to become a part of a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and collaborators. Our intensive program focuses on accelerating personal growth and technical learning through guided

industry visits, workshops and interactions focused on helping our delegates expand their network,providing them with the opportunity to pitch and get real time feedback on their business ideas from experts and entrepreneurs from across the world all the while being immersed in the rich culture of their host country.
Our alumni include social entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, consultants, founders, entrepreneurs & students from various fields.
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Global Learning Program

The program provides students with an opportunity to learn from leading experts and prestigious institutions across the world. This intensive program includes short courses at top universities, exposure to the development sector, business ecosystem as well as an

immersive experience into the culture of their host county.
Our programs are carefully curated for the needs of each delegate to ensure maximum personal and professional growth. We also design personalised courses for our partner universities.
We aim to inspire and create an experience of a lifetime for a renewed sense of purpose and determination.
Our alumni include students and driven individuals with diverse backgrounds including Tech, Finance, Liberal Arts, Management, Economics, Media and Entrepreneurship etc.
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Global Startup Internships

As an extension of GAP & GLP, we also facilitate intensive internship opportunities with leading tech and social startups across India, South Africa, Netherlands and more. The internships are tailor made to further equip our alumni to put their acquired skills into practice

as well as gain valuable experiences in the innovation field of their choice.
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Matthew Henshall
Alumnus & Founder, SkillUp
South Africa

"The Ingenious Faces journey is going to show you how vastly the system differs and how things work in other countries. It allows you to understand what you need to do with your businesses, your lives & future endeavors back home."

Toon Gielis
Alumnus & Student

"Learning outside the classroom, especially abroad is extremely valuable. My experience with IF helped me think out of the box by exposing me to conditions and obstacles different from what I’m used to and broadened my perspectives by helping me see novel solutions to a diverse set of problems."

Akshaya Ramesh
Alumna & Student

"I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from individuals who are so different culturally from what I'm used to. Immersing myself in a new environment helped me gain a broader perspective and helped me understand how to tackle challenges with a brand new approach"