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Ingenious Faces

Our every action is dedicated towards disrupting the perception of success by redefining learning models, reimagining career paths, revolutionising talent sourcing and reckoning new markets.


At Ingenious Faces, we hope to create an ecosystem for students, entrepreneurs and young professionals and organisations to forge connections unimpeded by boundaries. We aim to help each individual find their own genius through experiences and become better prepared for today’s dynamic and ever changing workspace.

They are driven by the mission to impact young lives through the means of education and experiences beyond borders. By believing in transformative learning frameworks across emerging economies they are creating a disruptive space for global employability.

Vidushi Malhotra & Apoorv Bamba : Co - Founders

Our Values

Our Mindset


Being resourceful, innovative, creative among other skills is important not just for your own venture, but for being prepared for the changing job market

Our Focus


Learnability is the No.1 skill according to the World Economic Forum. It is the ability of an individual to pick up new skills and adapt to unfamiliar situations

Our Offering


Learning from your comfort! In today’s interconnected world, one would be remiss to not access knowledge from different parts of the world

The Ingenious Faces Impact

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Our Team


Growth &

Soumya Grover

Social Media Marketing

Vidushi Malhotra

Strategy & Leadership

Abhishek Mawai

Product & Technology

Nupur Mahajan

Curriculum & Programs

Angel Amsan

Product &

Rushali Sethi

Programs & Curriculum

Apoorv Bamba

Leadership &

Pragya Tewari

Tech Programs & Product

Naman Gupta

Design & Development

Anirudh Sharma

Business Development

Charushila Patil

Technology Curriculum


Curriculum & Management

Pritam Bhattacharjee

Entrepreneur In Residence

Pragya Tewari

Technology Programs

Our Philosophy

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein