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Our flagship program creates an ecosystem for you to learn beyond boundaries from the comfort of your homes. Feel inspired by innovators from across the world through real world immersion and direct interaction with industry mentors.



Sebastian Prieto Tovar

Talent Acquisition Lead
Uber, Amsterdam

Thrive Gloval

Dr. Marcus Ramney

General Manager
Thrive Global

David Moreno

Software Development

IE B-School

Simon Gifford

Professor, Founder of

A Global Apprenticeship can make the difference!


The survey by QS Global Employer across 116 countries says that 80% employers look for graduates with global exposure.


Join our apprenticeship with global startups and learn directly from their founders and key stakeholders.


Upskill, network and gain an edge over the competition to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

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Apprenticeship highlights of your virtual journey abroad

The apprenticeship is carefully designed to develop learnability and employability in young change makers through experience, knowledge and mentorship from different countries.

How does the apprenticeship feel like?

Simon Wexler

Financial Econ Major at Columbia University,
Founder Rezonance

I am so happy that I decided to take this plunge with Ingenious Faces because it was one of the most memorable and important experiences I have ever had.

Rochelle Soares

Welingkar Institute Of Management, Mumbai

It was a true stepping stone towards becoming a global leader. I’d urge anyone looking to create something, build and expand business or even a mere want of 'thinking out of the box' to take up this program.

Sindhoora Ganesh

Founder Small Arts,
Econ Major Ashoka University

Not only did the program enable me to refine my entrepreneurial idea & network with extremely knowledgeable individuals, but also helped to hone my entrepreneurial skills.

Thami Hoza

Founder Hot Nozzle

Ingenious Faces gave me the space & environment to develop my idea and changed my approach not just towards entrepreneurship but life in general.

Ernest Teh

Founder Climbpass

Student, NUS, Singapore

Ingenious Faces provides the first glimpse into entrepreneurship for the uninitiated, helping you discover and possibly spark an entrepreneurial spirit within you, with their diverse range of programs designed to push you out of your comfort zone.

Mario Georgiev

Co-Founder at FixieFiets

Student, Rotterdam Business School, Netherlands

Ingenious Faces' program was an extremely useful practical learning experience for me. Stepping out of the comfort zone and exploring different startup ecosystems lit the spark in my personal and entrepreneurial journey.

Alex Bakker

Co-Founder at FixieFiets

Student, Rotterdam Business School, Netherlands

Through participating in one of Ingenious faces programs I learned that there is an entrepreneur in everyone. All it takes is the proper guidance and support to spark your inner entrepreneur. You will be amazed at what you can achieve!

Emer Butler

Founder & TedEx Speaker, ntombi

This program truly gave me the opportunity to learn from travel and error. The combination of education and global exposure is what sets this program apart from others.

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1 Month Apprenticeship
Practical Project
Global Connect
Feedback & Support
Pitch Submission
Apprenticeship Certification by
Ingenious Faces
No Company or Mentor Interaction

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    1 Month Apprenticeship
    Immersive Project
    1v1 Global Mentorship
    Conceptual Webinars
    Live Pitching Room
    Global Hiring Opportunity
    Apprenticeship Certification by
    Ingenious Faces and Partner Company

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    Premium Pro

    2 Months Apprenticeship

    Extensive & Interactive Project
    1v1 Journey Guidance
    Learnability Training Modules
    University Accredited Module
    Live Pitching Room
    Global Hiring Opportunity
    Apprenticeship Certification by
    Ingenious Faces and Partner Company

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    We begin our apprenticeship batches every 1st and 3rd week of the month. Please go through the apprenticeship model features carefully before making your choice.